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Happy Monday Morning, everyone!!!

I used to use Secureline markers, but I found sometimes the writing
comes off during deparaffinizing.  These markers are great when they
work right, but it's not at all great when the writing comes off.  I
pencil the case number on the slides, then apply a sticker label with
printed information after staining is completed. This works well for me
and I assume this is acceptable to the ASCP.  

I'm interested in what the rest of you have to say about this, too.  

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For my HT practical, I used a Secureline marker on the slides and then I
hand wrote labels out with a regular pen.  We also use pencils for our
blocks, but I decided to use the Secureline marker on my blocks as well.

I processed my tissue first and then embedded the tissues in different
blocks labeled with the marker.  The marker won't work on our cassettes
through processing and that's the reason I did it this way.

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