RE: [Histonet] Formalin fixation of cells for paraffinembedding?

From:"Joanne Mauger"

I'm not sure about thyroglobulin, but I know S-100 positivety diminishes or disappears after alcohol fixation. If its well fixed in NBF first, the following alcs don't seem to hurt.

>>> "Marsha Linville"  05/21/04 09:52AM >>>
Would one of the antigens that you speak of that doesn't like alcohol
fixation be Thyroglobulin?  

Marsha Linville
DCL Medical Laboratory
Indianapolis, IN  46268
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Subject: Re: [Histonet] Formalin fixation of cells for paraffin

To Eva,
Wrap the pellet in lens paper,and put it in a cassette to fix and process
with your tissues. I would skip the alcohol fixation and spin the cells down
in NBF, then proceed with processing and embed as usual. Some antigens don't
like alcohol fix.

>>> "Eva C. Andersson"  05/20/04 03:18PM >>>
Hi everyone,
My lab wants to paraffin embed some cells to be used as positive 
controls for immunohisochemistry staining.
We have a cell line growing but need a good protocol for fixing the 
cells with formalin. Once the cells have been fixed the pellet will be 
embedded in paraffin by our histopathology department.

Does anyone have a good and easy method for the fixation part?

We will deliver the pellet to the histopathology department in 70% ethanol.

Thanks in advance,

Eva Andersson
Research Assistant
Georgetown University

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