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Interesting that the cell (Oxyphil) about which we know little is loaded
with mitochondria, replicates at a reasonable rate
and demonstrates, on Ian's slide, and in contrast to its sister cell,
the "Chief cell," an immunohistochemical link to the diffuse
neuroendocrine system.  Perhaps the poor little Oxyphil is playing an
esoteric part in the local regulatory processes.  The story of 'Ca'
regulation as it is explained these days is complicated but still likely
to be an oversimplification of the reality.  Perhaps one day the Oxyphil
will change its name to the "Super-chief cell."

An old story tells of PTH-stimulated Ca release from a piece of bone
taken from an 'old bone drawer' in an anatomy lab.  The story tells of a
concurrently run control bone fragment that didn't leak, so it can't be
disparaged on experimental grounds on that point. 

Cheers to all,

P.S.  My first look at rodent Sertoli cells came while I perused a
section of turtle ovary and paused for a minute mammalian (RBC's) aside.

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         Just been staining rat oesophagus with PGP9.5 for nerves,
worked a 
treat. Interestingly a small piece of thyroid and parathyroid has been
with the oesophagus. While the Chief cells in the parathyroid have no 
staining the Oxyphil cells display a strong reaction product. Surprised
this result. Anyone like to comment?

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