Your  probably  going to have to process by hand.  Formic acid for one
   hour,  the  formalin  overnight.  Then just routinely process by hand.
   Everything in disposable containers.

   Use  5N  sodium  hydroxide  to all  of  the  processing  solutions  to
   "neutrilize"  and  have  your bioharzard people come in a get it.  Wet
   down  everything  with  5N  sodium hydroxide and let it sit for a bit.
   Then  wipe  it  off  with  wet paper towels.  Everything should be red
   bagged  and  incinerated.   I  used  to work for the Brain Bank for AD

   We  used  to  have  fits  about  Dr's  performing biopsy's on patients
   suspect  of  CJD,  because CJD doesn't show up everywhere in the brain
   and  the  chances  that  they  are  going  to get the peice that shows
   evidence of CJ is slim.  And I don't know of any treatment for CJD so,
   the  point  of  the biopsy?  Hopefully the surgical team will be using
   disposables  and  wetting  everything  in  the  OR down with 5N sodium
   hydroxide before continueing to the next patient.

   You  should  also store the blocks and slides seperate from everything
   else.  We had a speical area devoted to such cases.

   Any other questions feel free to ask.
   Hope that helps a little.  We didn't get any hazard pay!!

   Loralee Gehan, HTL
   >From: "Connie McManus" 
   >To: , 
   >Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 08:03:16 -0600
   >I  don't  deal  with  CJD,  but  I  do  a lot of CWD (Chronic Wasting
   >and Scrapie, which are prion diseases in dear/elk and sheep
   >(respectively).  CWD and Scrapie had been associated with humans for
   >hundreds  of  years  with  no  known transmission of the disease from
   >to  human.  HOWEVER,  since prions are not neutralized by fixation of
   >kind, not killed by autoclaving, this makes them a biohazard in
   >processed tissues.
   >If I worked with CJD, I would ...
   >1  set  up  a  place that is completely separate from the rest of the
   >Barrier off a section of your lab, use another room (preferable)
   >2 use disposable bunny suits, shoe covers, face masks, eye wear and
   >3  put stickie mats on the floor completely surrounding the cutting
   >4   put ALL paraffin shavings in a biohaz bag,
   >5  use paper towels to clean off the microtome and throw those in the
   >biohaz bag
   >6.  incinerate the bunny suit, goggles, gloves, face maskes, etc with
   >paraffin shavings.
   >7.  Ask for a really big pay raise.  Claim it's hazard pay.
   >Have fun.
   >Connie McManus
   >Utah Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
   >Utah State University
   >Logan, UT
   >Phone:  435/797-1891
   >fax: 435/797-2805
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   >Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 9:59 AM
   >Hello everyone,
   >This  question  might  have  been  posted  before,  but,    Histology
   >expecting a brain biopsy from a possible CJD patient today.  The
   >will be coming down in formalin from the O.R.  It will be kept in
   >for 2-7 days and will be transferred to formic acid for the required
   >Then  the  specimen will be transferred to formalin before processing
   >another  2  days.  Has anyone dealt with this procedure before. These
   >questions asked by the hstology department.
   >How do you decontaminate the processor, microtome, stainer and
   >What kind of protective gear apart from standard precaution has to be
   >How about the shaving of the tissues?
   >How do you dispose the formalin  from the original formalin container
   >the specimen was sent in and how do you dispose the reagents from the
   >processor and the stainer?
   >Can  this  biopsy  be processed, once treated with formic acid, along
   >other specimens or  should the biopsy be processed with the other
   >Need Help!!
   >Thank you in advance
   >Mala Srishan
   >Histology Supervisor
   >Holy Name Hospital
   >Teaneck, NJ 07666
   >Histonet mailing list
   >Histonet mailing list

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