[Histonet] cryo rat turbinates

From:Gareth Davis

so much for my protocol for frozen rat turbinates.  I tried to do an H&E on the turbinate sections I cut (in OCT and then cut and placed on charged slides).  But once the sections hit the water rinses they all came off my slides.  Anyone with suggestions?  The sections were dried overnight at room temperature on the charged slides, and then stored at -80.  Before staining I let them come to room temperature again.  I then followed a H&E protocol I found on the Histonet, but, like I said, they all came off in the water rinses.  So, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.  We were going to do IHC with antigen retrieval on these sections, but we decided not to even try that.
Gareth Davis
Research Assistant 
Tennessee State University
Nashville, Tennessee

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