[Histonet] What's cooking...? Only slides

From:"Tan, MinHan"

Good morning,
We are planning to purchase a pressure cooker immediately for a
particularly troublesome antigen 
Unfortunately, no one here has used one before for antigen retrieval,
and we have a couple of questions (which may seem rather silly).
a. Most posts on Histonet seem to have used either the Nordicware cooker
($45) or the Biocare decloaker ($?). Does a 'decloaker' work differently
from a pressure cooker?

b. Pressure cooking of slides - most protocols seems to range from 3 min
- 5 min. I haven't done much cooking myself (thanks to a wonderful
wife), but others in my lab assure me that it takes time for a cooker to
build up pressure. In steam retrieval, I usually check to ensure that
the buffer is at 95 deg C before starting AR. Is there some kind of
equivalent for this in 'pressure cooking'?

Thanks! (and apologies for my culinary incompetence)
Min-Han Tan

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