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A gem that has been circulating since my eary days of the 70s. It goes quiet for a few years then..suprise to me , resurfaces. I remember being squashed by Wallington in a AMM meeting in London for not only suggesting the use of DPX over Canada Balsam for routine mounting but also for replacing the best "PORT" of the Hx staining solutions ( Ehrlich's) , with Harris',for routine staining. After spending several years as an EQUAS assessor( UK, Southeast) there is no doubt, to me, that  a hand-processed H&E ( using a well- ripened Ehrlich's or a well- made Harris' , by an experienced hand) is far superior to  a machine-produced result. They most certainly can produce  the best photomicrographs( lets not get into the different fixing fluids that enhance the quality   lol). However, for routine diagnostic work I am convinced that these are not neccessary. Surely, for the vast majority of sections , we want a fast, consistent, result, with the minimum amount of "craft" involved? Sure, the "progressive" Hxs don't give the best staining but, they more assuredly give the "good enough " staining for such throughput required by most routine diagnostic labs?

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