[Histonet] Aussies and Kiwis standing up at microtomes

From:"Andrew Kennedy"

Hi Tim and Fred (and the rest of Histonetters too!!)


In my experience, we Aussies don't like to stand up at the microtome if we
can help it. Standing and cutting sections makes no sense at all - we might
spill our beer and not be able to see the television that sits on the bench
next to us so we can watch Aussie Rules (I prefer Rugby League, by the way)


But seriously folks, you would have to have high benches and even then you
would probably hunch over the microtome - I remember seeing a histotech
cutting standing up years ago when I was a lab assistant. She turned the
microtome sideways, stood at the bench (which was desk height) and stooped
over the microtome. That can't be good for your back! It was the most
uncomfortable looking cutting position I've ever seen.


Overlapping with the safety thread that is currently quite "hot", we really
owe it to ourselves and to those we work with to be safe all the time!


In Australia, Occupational Health and Safety is an important issue that
affects everything we do in the workplace. However, any safety procedure
that has been implemented in our labs is a result of consultation with the
parties at stake. Safe Operating Procedures are designed by the people who
will use them, not by some beaurocrat sitting in an office telling others
what to do! Take control of your safety and use common sense at the same
time! Makes sense to me!!


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