From:Banjo Adesuyi

   Dear Colleagues,
                         Please I will appreciate it, If  you can help me with some of the specimens listed below for my HTL (ASCP) Practical test;
     1) Bone - 1.0cm in lenght, to include cortex and hematopoietic marrow.
      2) Kidney - 1.0x1.0cm square,  to include cortex and mudella.
      3) Thyroid - 1.0x1.0cm square.
      4) Cerebellum -1.0x1.0cm square,  to include  grey and white matter.
      5) Skeletal muscle -1.0x1.0cm.
              You guys are doing great. You are the best.
         Adesupo Banjo Adesuyi  BS, HT(ASCP)
             Pathology Department,
           Val Verde Regional Medical Center,
           801 N Bedell Avenue,
           Del Rio, TX 78840.

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