From:Rena Fail

I  had a large number of requests for this procedure, so I decided to post it.
Reagents: 1% Silver Nitrate, 2% Silver Nitrate, 0.15% hydroquinone solution, and 5%gelatin. All the solutions can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge. Preheat 40ml of the 1% Silver Nitrate (in a glass coplin jar) in a 60 degree waterbath for ten minutes. Deparaffinze and hydrate the slides to distilled water, place in the preheated 1% silver nitrate for 30 minutes. Put the jar of 5% gelatin in the waterbath at the same time to warm. Place a vialof 1.5mls of 2% Silver Nitrate and a vial of 2mls of 0.15% hydroquinone into a glass coplin jar and place in the 60 degree waterbath. At the end of the 30 minutes add 3.75mls of 5% gelatin to the vial of 2% Silver Nitrate, then add the 2mls of 0.15% hydroquinone to the vial. Remove the slides  from the 1% silver nitrate, DO NOT RINSE,  lay flat on a paper towel. Staining of spirochetes takes 2-4 minutes. You can put a coverslip over the developer and check the slide microscopically for the end point. When you have determined the end point, rinse in warm water, dehydrate, clear, and mount.  Spirochetes and h. pylori stain black, background yellow to brown.
 The reference is Sheehan,D.C. and Hrapchak, b.b. Theory and Practice of Histotecnology,2nd edition pg239-240

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