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Kathy Tedford-Hays  HT (ASCP)
Technical Specialist, Histology Dept
(601)-968-3070 ext 7398
Baptist Medical Center
1225 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39202

i have the ventana special stainer and at first i was having the same
complaints from my pathologist  concerning the light staining, level 4 is
the longest staining method that ventana has. on the same run  some  slides
would be dark and then the very next one would be too light.  ventana tech
support came in and made a few suggestions,  1. take the kit out of the
refrig for at least 30 mins before the run at room temp.  2.  invert the
kits to shake up the silver on the bottom.  3.  do 2 sets of cleaning
reagent through the tubing.   4.  make sure all of your microtomes are
cutting on 4 microns. these extra sets have worked for us. hope this helps.

                      eileen dusek                                                                         
                                               Fax to:                                                     
                      05/09/03 03:30 AM        Subject:  Warthin-Starry                                    

Good Morning Everyone,
Is there ae easy method for W-S, silly question. We use the Benchmark
Steiner kit at Level 4
and the Pathologists say it is still too light. Can the intensity be
increased off the machine?
Thanks for your help
Eileen C.Dusek
UIC Medical Center
Chicago, Ill

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