Re: Ventana

From:Barbara Terrett

We had a problem with the brand of charged slides we were using and had to 
change brands. The method used to charge the slides was incompatible with 
the heat retrieval method used by the Benchmark.

>From: "Vigil, Debbie  (CTMC)" 
>To: 'HistoNet Server' 
>Subject: Ventana
>Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 08:49:36 -0400
>I am new to the HistoNet and would like to know if there is anyone out 
>who has had trouble with the Ventana.  We have had the immuno and special
>stainer for a few years.  A year ago they replace the immono stainer with a
>model.  We still have not had consistent results.  I would appreciate any
>Thank You,
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