Re: OT - Spam

From:Gordon Couger

There are a lot of good spam fillers out there but you don't want to
automatically delete messages. sort the spam into a folder. All the spam
filters get some real email with the spam and some sam with the mail. I get
over 200 a day and they are not hard to manage with a good spam filter and
sorting the meal to folders.

Keep your work address as free as you can from news groups and such where
spam bots can harvest it> Get a second account to in fact wiht the non
working world. You will have less problems at work and less aggravation all

The government, big ISPs and some other stake holder are going try to  patch
things up to reduce the problem but the way email works it can't be fixed
and be backward comp with old email systems.

Building a much more secure email system is quite possible one you get
everyone  to agree on the method, format and such. Well I guess it isn't
possible after all


Gordon Couger
Stillwater, OK

To: "histonet" 
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: OT - Spam

: on 29/04/2003 8:21 AM, marjorie lehman at
: wrote:
: >
: > It would appear someone got hold of the Histonet list.
: > I started getting those Urgent Request things and delete anything that
: > like one now.
: > Then I started getting other ads, including ways to "improve" certain
: > anatomical features I don't have!! Why anyone would send those to a
: > named Marjorie is beyond me!!
: > The final straw was when I started getting offers for videos entitled
: > Girls, Girls" etc
: > I contacted my IT people and they told me they are working on it.
: > Answer). Their advice is to not open them if you can recognize what they
are &
: > never, ever answer them -even the ones which say click here if you don't
: > us to send any more.
: > Marjorie - a  person of the female persuasion
: >
: >
: If you are using Outlook Express, you can use the Rules feature to send
: things directly to the delete file, without you having to see them. It
: doesn't stop them arriving, but you don't have to know about it. I expect
: other mail programmes have a similar feature. And it is very important not
: to answer - doing so confirms for the spammer that your e-mail address is
: valid, and you'll be deluged with the stuff.
: Lesley Weston.

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