Re: Mouse spinal cord dissection from vertebral column

HI Gayle,

We routinely process samples of mouse spinal cord. We don't dissect it out
of the column whole. As we sample only certain levels, we fix the cord in
situ, then cut out the segments we need and push out the cord using 'blunt'
cocktail sticks or orange sticks.


                      Gayle Callis                                                                                                     
                                               Subject: Mouse spinal cord dissection from vertebral column                             
                      06/05/2003 17:36                                                                                                 

I am interested to hear how people are dissecting an intact, whole mouse
spinal cord from the vertebral column.

Some years ago I suggested a removal by pushing the cord out with PBS using
a syringe - the original publication is gone from files on how to do this,
but if anyone has done this successfully, I need a refresher on technic

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