Re: Mouse spinal cord dissection from vertebral column

From:Roger Moretz

Well, my first response was to provide the technique
for dissecting out perfusion fixed mouse spinal cords
with intact dorsal roots using iris scissors, fine
toothed forceps....  Using the ejection method (PBS in
a 3 or 5cc syringe and a 22ga or 18ga needle I have
always had to cut off the cord at the cervical end and
above the lumbar end.  Insert the needle (gauge
depends on the diameter of the cord at the lower end
of the vertebral column.  The cord should come out the
cervical end.  (This has been a very long time ago, so
some of the details are fuzzy, but a little practice
should get the method down.)

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
BI Pharmaceuticals
Ridgefield, CT
--- Gayle Callis  wrote:
> I am interested to hear how people are dissecting an
> intact, whole mouse
> spinal cord from the vertebral column. 
> Some years ago I suggested a removal by pushing the
> cord out with PBS using
> a syringe - the original publication is gone from
> files on how to do this,
> but if anyone has done this successfully, I need a
> refresher on technic
> Gayle Callis
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