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We disinfect our nitrogen flask every night.
We also have a flask we only use to decant nitrogen into freezing
sprays.  These sprays are used by dermatology on warts.  Our worry
was that virus particles from specimens could contaminate the flasks
and then infect the dermatology patients.

Best Wishes
Steve Machin UK

 --- "Weems, Joyce"  wrote: > I have a pathologist
very concerned about using the Histobath
> (isopentane
> chilled to -70C ) following potentially infectious tissue - TB,
> HIV, etc. 
> I have asked this question before, but could I please get fresh
> responses,
> possibly with references stating that this is a very acceptable
> method of
> freezing tissue blocks for frozen sections? 
> I very much appreciate your help - thanks in advance. 
> And have a good weekend everyone! j
> Joyce Weems
> Pathology Manager
> Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
> 404-851-7376
> 404-851-7831 - fax

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