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From:Claye Clyatt


Your problem is probably due to the angle adjustment of the microtome. 
I find that each time I try a different brand of disposable knife, I
need to adjust the blade angle in order to get optimal sections.  

Also, are you soaking your hard tissues?  There are many soaking agents
available.  Some work better for specific tissues.  Such as: Hard
tissues like bone and uterus, thyroid and bloody tissues cut very nicely
after soaking in decal solution.  Sometimes just ice cold water will
make the difference.  Some of my techs like to use ammonia water, but I
have nor personally had good success with this.

Keep trying and you will become so accustomed to the disposable blade
that you will not want to go back to your old blades.


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>>> Anita Westbrook  05/09/03 12:17PM >>>
I don't know if this subject has been addressed before, but, here goes
Our lab is using disposable blades (low profile).  We currently have
Leica 2135 microtome and four Leitz 1512 .  The Leica is used with
disposable blades and two of the Leitz are also used with the
blades using 2 differant blade holders.  We are having a horrible
with uneven cut sections which in turn  causes the tissue to stain
After pulling most of my hair out, I I really do not believe it is a
processing problem or a stain problem.  And, it is'nt all of the
being affected this way.  Some are beautiful and some are terrible.  We
tightened screws and bolts and we also just had all of our microtomes
Any suggestions?  I would appreciate your help.
Anita Westbrook

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