Re: Achrived tissue viability when stored in 10% formalin

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    Lee Luna's "AFIP manual" (1968) has several suggestions for restoring basophilia to 'overfixed' specimens, which is what I think you were asking about..

1. Bring paraffin sections to water.
2. Place sections in one of the following:
5% aqueous sodium bicarbonate, 4 hours to overnight.
5% aqueous ammonium sulphide overnight
5% aqueous periodic acid overnight
3. Wash in tap water
4. Stain as desired.

    As for "viable" tissue coming out of formalin, I know several well-educated people who firmly believe in the re-animation of dead tissue, so that may actually be the question! wrote:

The company I work for has been asked by one of our clients how long tissue (animal) can be stored in formalin and still be viable.  We have gone back to tissue stored for ~10yrs. but the staining was poor.  If there is any advice on where we can find documentation of this information it would be appreciated. Any thoughts on the time frame also are welcome.

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