Re: AO Sliding microtome knife holder

From:Karen Pawlowski

Hi Kathy,

I was planning on posting this sometime ago, but never got around to it.
A few months back, I was looking for the same thing.  We tested several
kinds and ended up with one from Triangle Biomedical Sciences (TBS).
They have a web address  The blade 
holder we got is their DMBH that has a specific blade that goes with 
it, the H-DMB-HD.  This is an intermediate blade between high and low 
profile that is extra durable, which we found we needed for celloidin. 
Also, I "wax" the surface of the holder to get the celloidin sections
to glide over it more easily.  If you need it for some other embedding
material, you may not need this particular blade and holder, but it
works for our purposes. TBS has other set-ups too. There are others
out there, but I don't have their info on hand.

Good Luck,

Karen Pawlowski, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
University of Texas at Dallas wrote:
> Hello again,
> I have inherited an A/O Reichert Sliding Microtome Model 860.  We would like to
> use disposable blades in it.  Has anyone done this?  Is there such an
> attachment?  Any ideas welcome.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kathy

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