RE: liver biopsy for quantitztive iron

From:Fred Underwood

Hi Carol.
It's been a few years since I've dealt with them, but here it goes.  We would send them to Mayo Clinic.  They would provide us with metal free vials to place the specimen in.  At our institution, the physician would ask for one of the vials in advance.  They would submit 2 biopsies, one in formalin and one in the metal free vial.  The sample sent out for quantitative iron was sent out dry.   I'm sure that Mayo Clinic has a web site where you could get more up to date information.

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Subject: liver biopsy for quantitztive iron

	I'm trying to help a friend out who is looking for a written protocol for 
the initial handling (eg., collection, storage, fixation?) of liver bxs  for 
quantitative iron(assuming the specimen is actually sent out for the 
procedure)   in cluding background information on what the procedure is and 
what it may involve.  Thanks in advance for any help. 
Carol Wilson 
Lab Supervisor 
AmeriPath Cleveland 
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