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I know that  M Lamar Jones and a Dr. McCormick had taught a course at past NSH symposia. Dr. McCormick had a keen interest in the history of old techniques and microscopes. Lamar would be a good resource, as he's easier to locate, because he's actively involved in the NSH.  Also Dr. McCormick published a collection of books having to do with the history of microscopes and microtechnique. They were published in 1987 by Science Heritage Ltd.
                                 Lincolnwood, IL 60645   They are entitled  History of Microscopy Series
I hope this helps you out.
Ben Shelkowsky
Monterey, CA 93950

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	try I know they have a museum full of old artifacts, pictures
	and procedures. I used to go down to the museum when I was stationed there.
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	> Hello,
	> I was wondering if anyone know's of a place on the internet, or a book
	> that has the history of histology, and old procedures for staining and
	> processing the tissue.  Our lab has a news letter that we have been
	> putting little exerts of how the testing has been done in the past, and
	> I would like to include some information on histology.
	> I know that there is an old book out there that has a staining
	> procedure form the late 1800's, but I can not remember what it was
	> called.
	> Thanks,
	> Daryl Mikita, HT(ASCP)

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