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From:"LaFriniere, Mike"

We perform routine H.pylori using Cell Marks polyclonal antibody with
outstanding results! Our policy is to perform all H. Pylori on all gastric
biopsies including GE junction. We have tried the silver stains, however I
have chosen not to continue with silver stains due to the fact that they
have demonstrated inconsistency for H. Pylori staining. I am not sure why
you would do them routinely on esophagus. On esophagus I would wait until
the Pathologist reviews the esophageal bx on H&E (identifies that there may
be something going on i.e., inflammation and perform H.pylori on request for
Some people feel that doing them routinely is excessive, however we
performed a study here using the Cell Mark antibody, Stiener-Stiener and
diff quick and found that H. Pylori can be easily missed without the
Immunohistochemistry test performed, even by Pathologists with GI specialty.

I would have a difficult time accepting H.Pylori's being performed 2-3
different ways in my lab because of 2-3 different Pathologists preference,
because of our volume. I prefer to have the pathologist that is incharge of
histology with the Histology department Supervisor make the determination of
which test to perform across the board, on routine test for each day for all
of the Pathologists.
Hope this has helped..
Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
Pathology Manager
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN

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Subject: H. Pylori by Immuno

Does anyone know about any "Standard of Care" for staining for 
H.Pylori?  I have 3 pathologists.  Two of them want the Warthin-Starry
method and one that loves the Immuno method.  We also do routine H.pylori
stains on all esophagus, gastric and duodenum.  I am looking for some
information as to what other institutions do as routine stains for H.pylori.

Wendy Snyder HT(ASCP) 
United Hosptial Center 
Clarksburg, WV 

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