RE: Canned text for gross description of tissue specimens


I am so against "canned dictations" as a whole.  I feel that they give a
false sense that a specimen should fit into the description and not the
description fit the specimen.  Too many subtle gross findings can be missed
or ignored because they don't fit the expectation.  If you need them to save
time then you're overworked, trying to go to fast and may miss something.
If you need them because you don't know how to gross without them then you
shouldn't be doing it in the first place.  Just a humble opinion from
someone "in the trenches".
Charles R. Embrey Jr. PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Manager
Carle Clinic, Urbana Illinois  

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Subject: Canned text for gross description of tissue specimens

I would like to create a canned text for gross description of most tissue
Can anyone suggest an easy way to implement this task?  
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