RE: Achrived tissue viability when stored in 10% formalin

From:Fred Underwood

Hi Loriann.
Prolonged washing in water might help.  24 hours or longer.  It's probably more cost effective to do several changes of water, and use agitation.   Maybe combine this with post fixation in 70% alcohol.
A couple of references that may be helpful:
           Journal of Histotechnology, volume 24, number 3.   September 2001
           "A comparison of deformalinizing technics", Stain Technology 25(1): 27-32, 1949...............1949!!! Must be printed on a shovel with charcoal.
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Subject: Achrived tissue viability when stored in 10% formalin


	The company I work for has been asked by one of our clients how long tissue 
(animal) can be stored in formalin and still be viable.  We have gone back to 
tissue stored for ~10yrs. but the staining was poor.  If there is any advice 
on where we can find documentation of this information it would be 
appreciated. Any thoughts on the time frame also are welcome. 

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