Decalcifying solutions

From:Gayle Callis

WE always made up our own reagents to fit the project, but in a busy
clinical laboratory, you may want to have both a buffered formic acid
solution and rapid HCL type solution.  There are times when you need the
gentler Formic acid and same for more rapid decalcifying with HCl.  

There are many good sources of commercial decalcifiers - just check for
types of acids.  

Using decalcifiers can be done creatively, in particular, there is no law
to say you can't dilute a strong HCl solution from 12  -15% HCl content
(MSDS) down to 6 - 7.5%.  Formic acid solutions are already dilute,
generally around 4 - 5% if you calculate the molarity compared to % in MSDS.

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