Antifade Mounting media

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Beware, some cyanine dyes react with anti-fade reagents - in particular,
media containing aromatic amines i.e. p-phenylenediamine. Jackson
ImmunoResearch has an excellent discussion on what can be used or not.
Aqueous media containing n-propyl gallate can be used with cyanine dyes.
Check your specification sheets, ask tech services before buying a product.
Here is a recipe for your particular combination of fluorophores that
should work, contains the correct antifade reagent.  

Here is an excellent article on antifade mounting media

Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Vol. 49, 305-312, March 2001,
Quantitative Comparison of Anti-Fading Mounting Media for Confocal Laser
Scanning Microscopy, Ono et al. 

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20mM Tris pH 8.0
0.5% N-propyl gallate
90% Glycerol
Store at 4C (refrigerator) 

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