Another position seeking a great tech- preferrably with a sense of humor


Hi all--
My team is looking for a new player--a tech competent in most routine and
hopefully some specialized areas to include automated immuno.   We are part
of CHI, a division of Centura Health and having temped for over ten years at
dozens of facilities I can say without qualification --our lab is one of the
best around.  We've struggled through staffing shortages, outdated
equipment, learning curves and sailed through our last CAP inspection and
we're finally starting to have a blast!!

If you are at all interested or even marginally curious, please drop me a
line and I'll bend your ear with the wondrous amenities to be found in the
Heart of the Rockies.

Cheryl Kerry
Histology/ Penrose-St Francis Hospitals
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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