Toluidine Blue.

From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery"

        I've been using this stain for more than 30 years and it works beautifully.
Sodium borate.   =  0.8g
Distilled water.    =  100ml
Dissolve, then add in order
Toluidine blue.    =  0.8g
Pyronin Y.            =  0.2g
Dissolve, then filter into a bottle.
Stain sections at room temperature until the desired depth of staining is obtained (few minutes or more). Wash in running tap water, air dry and mount in immersion oil or a synthetic mountant. The stain gives a very pleasing result of varying shades of blue.

Ito,S. & Winchester,R.J. 1963. J. Cell Biol. 16. 541-577
The fine structure of the gastric mucosa in the bat.


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