Re: immunoperoxidase stains


ASCP requires that you have experience with doing IHC before you take the
exam.  If you are a mt, htl type you are required to have been doing IHC for 6
mo. before taking the exam, if you are ht, mlt type you are required to have
had 12 mo. of experience in IHC within the last 5 years, if you have a BS
degree or above you must have 18 mo. of IHC experience within the last 5
years.  If you have no experience at all, it would be hard to qualify to take
the exam and I would assume by experience they mean "actually doing IHC
procedures" rather than taking classes.

molly Thomas wrote:

> Dear Patsy,
> >My name is Molly and I am a histotech been working as a histotech for 15
> >years.Iwould like to take the ihc exam, but not that much of experience in
> >immunos. we sent out all the immunos,but planning to start
> >in our lab.Do you think i can take some internet courses towards that or
> >any
> >other suggestions.I am a NSH member also.Please help me with your
> >suggestions.Thank you.
> >                                         Molly
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