Re: herceptin


The orginal work on her2 was developed in FS so there should be plenty
of sitations in the literature on this.  Just remember that you cannot
use FS cell lines as controls to compare results from ffpe tissue
because they just are not processed and fixed the same way.  In order to
properly evaluate your IHC methods for her2 on ffpe tissues your
controls must also be handled the same way.  Dr. Hammond in Utah in
cooperation with CAP is producing her2 controls in tissue array form
that are about 20 cores of ffpe tissue each with different levels of
her2 gene and protein expression.  The controls provided by the DAKO
herceptest are cell lines and may not be the best controls to use for
ffpe tissues.

Linda Hylander wrote:

> I just need to ask the greatest resource.....Does anyone in histoland
> have an IHC protocol for Her-2 on frozen tissue sections? I have a +
> control Her-2 cell line and will staining on frozen normal and tumor
> sections. I  have many protocols for FFPE. Thanks very much. Linda
> HylanderImmunoGen Inc

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