Re: cryostat decontamination

From:Dave Low

Hi Nancy,
I just scanned the CAP checklist and came up with:

ANP.24250 Phase I
Is there a documented procedure for the routine
decontamination of the cryostat at defined intervals,
and are decontamination records evident? 

Maybe I am wrong, but I use my QC sheet to monitor the
times the cryostat was cleaned daily in one column and
another column to conduct monthly decontamination. 

Dave Low
Elmendorf Med Ctr, AK

--- wrote:
> Hi all,
> We use ETOH to clean the cryostat on a daily basis
> without shutting it down.  
> CAP recommends shutting it down and decontaminating
> weekly if using cryostat 
> daily.  What are you using to accomplish this? 
> Thanks
> Nancy Adams

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