Re: Who does IHC?

From:Cheryl Powell

I don't know about the state of NY but here at my little hospital in Mich 
there are two of us that do immunos.  Our managers want everyone to learn 
everything too so we've arranged it that only HTL do immunos cause that's 
how the distinction is set for schooling.  HTs arn;t taught immuno or 
electron micro. or any moleculr path or muscle enz(I think?).  Not saying 
they couldn't understand it if taught, just that that's how large hospitals 
like Beaumont draw the line so we've followed suit.  Cheryl

>From: Tom McNemar 
>To: "''" 
>Subject: Who does IHC?
>Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 08:03:49 -0400
>I need a little help and would like to take a little survey.  My lab 
>tells me that she wants everyone in my department to be able to do
>everything.  I have no problem with that in general and it has always been
>my philosophy.  A problem has developed with IHC however.  A couple of 
>just have not gotten the hang of it causing a lot of repeats and
>unhappy/mistrusting pathologists.  I want to limit the number of people
>performing IHC but I cannot convince my manager.  She says to re-train them
>(again).  And so to my questions.....
>1. How many techs do you have and how many of those are performing IHC?
>2. Is it true that the state of New York requires an HTL to perform IHC?
>I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you in advance.
>Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>Licking Memorial Hospital
>Newark, Ohio
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