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Well said.  In my experience there are some techs who want to do the special
procedures but are not willing to put in the extra effort required to educate
oneself in the technology.  It is my opinion that those who are intimidated by
IHC vocabulary, math skills, waiting to see the results at the end of the
procedure, etc., are that way because they have not read the Journals,
participated in this listserv, attended meetings, etc., as the those of us with
these skills have done.  If someone is not interested in learning what makes the
IHC and special procedures work, it is my opinion that they should not be doing
them, for the sake of the patient.  In order to stay current in our rapidly
developing field we must do our homework, (and I do mean homework).  We can no
longer get all the information we need to perform quality work by punching in
for 8 hours a day at a work place.  Many technicians are not willing to do
anymore to learn about their job than what is required of them on the job 8
hours per day, and you all know with the staff shortages and and increased
workload we all face, learning anything more than going through the motions at
work is impossible most of the time.
My opinion.

"Hinton, Sandy" wrote:

> Tom,
> Through the years I have found that people's talents differ. Years ago when
> we initially started doing IHC's, I also tried to include the procedures in
> the regular rotation. It just didn't work for us, and I've heard other
> supervisors and managers say the same thing.
> I think the IHC vocabulary, which varies significantly from that of routine
> histology, is intimidating to some technicians. The fact that you don't see
> results until the end of the procedure can also be intimidating because it's
> so different from the routine special staining procedures that Histology
> technicians are used to. You also have to be good at laboratory mathematical
> calculations and that can be an intimidator.
> We do a large number of diagnostic IHC's and those duties along with the
> Kidney and Muscle biopsy procedures are performed in our Special Procedures
> laboratory. The three technicians in that lab are all well experienced
> senior technicians, who from the beginning expressed a desire to work with
> the procedures.
> Since I'm located in Texas, I can't address the New York requirements. I
> have one Medical Technician III, and two Histology Technician III's, one of
> which is a HTL and the other a HT performing the procedures. Personally I
> think that it's the desire to learn and perform at the highest level
> technically, that produces the best technicians, not the MT, HT or HTL
> behind someone's name.
> sh
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> Subject: Who does IHC?
> I need a little help and would like to take a little survey.  My lab manager
> tells me that she wants everyone in my department to be able to do
> everything.  I have no problem with that in general and it has always been
> my philosophy.  A problem has developed with IHC however.  A couple of folks
> just have not gotten the hang of it causing a lot of repeats and
> unhappy/mistrusting pathologists.  I want to limit the number of people
> performing IHC but I cannot convince my manager.  She says to re-train them
> (again).  And so to my questions.....
> 1. How many techs do you have and how many of those are performing IHC?
> 2. Is it true that the state of New York requires an HTL to perform IHC?
> I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you in advance.
> Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio
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