Re: Tap water for IHC rinse buffers

I never have used tap water for buffers and would not recommend it.  Tap
water has to many variables from place to place and is to inconsistent with
minerals and whatever else the county or city may want to be using for the
day. We would not mind helping you out by shipping some DI water to your
workshop for you.  How much would you need?

Gayle Callis  on 05/31/2002 03:21:34 PM

Subject:    Tap water for IHC rinse buffers

In helping set up a wet workshop, do you think it would harm the
immunostaining if tap water (in a pinch!) is substituted for distilled
water to make up TRIS buffers.  A concentrated stock TRIS buffer would be
diluted with the tap water to obtain working buffer.

If tap water can be used, it would save time, money and hauling a large
amount of distilled water.

I presume one problem would be chlorine content and pH changes.

Has anyone tried this?  What were the results?  If you tried this, did you
ever test pH of water before making up buffer?

Fingers crossed, waiting for a positive answer on using tap water!!

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