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Hi where I work there are 2 Histology techs. We average 80-100 blocks a day
,we do all the histology and assist the Pathologist in the grossing area. We
also do the paperwork  QA/Qc and other  whatever it takes jobs. We don't do
Immuno or Cytology. We usually average 4-8 hrs. a week overtime and have
asked for more staff but  boss says that's a maybe? I do not know  what the
average workload should be per tech. but someone should lighten us on
things. Where would you find a standard?
      Judy .
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Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 1:11 PM
Subject: Number of Tech's vs. number of blocks

> Hi everyone,
> We're in the process of trying to find out how many Histology
> Technician/Technologist are needed to run a lab efficently.
> We have four registered histology techs and one grossing room tech.
> Half of the day, one of the histology techs helps out with doing Cytology
> processing.
> We average 205 blocks per day.  Three techs are cutting and one is putting
> all the slides together.  The grossing room tech cuts the frozens but
> sometimes we have to help him out.
> We do not do immuno's but we do special stains.  Of course, the number of
> sp. stains, recuts, etc. vary.  We stay busy.  I'm the supervisor,and am
> also a bench tech. Most of my supervisory work gets pushed aside.
> If any of you could, please take a minute to give me some feedback so
> know if we're over worked or not!  And yes, there are many days when at
> least one or two of us work overtime.
> Thanks in advance ,
> Fran Adams
> Histology Supervisor
> The Medical Center of Central GA
> Macon, GA
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