Re: Mohs-artifact

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I would appreciate having you elaborate on what role you envision NSH
playing in regard to the issue you raised here.

I would point out the unless you work in a state that has licensing
requirements, employers are for the most part free to establish their
own hiring credentials and qualifications. NSH can recommend standards
but these cannot be imposed on employers. One would hope that an
employer would see the wisdom of hiring better qualified individuals but
the mindset that "anyone can be taken off the street and put in front of
a microtome" still exists in some circles and in fact may be true in
some settings. It comes down to what is needed of the individual before
one can discuss what qualifications are needed.

states that license laboratory personnel have statutory authority to
impose the eligibility requirements to obtain the license to practice in
that state. since CLIA 88 does not apply to histotechs I don't believe
that there are any other mandates to employers to require minimum hiring

Vinnie Della Speranza
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>>> Steve Weaver  05/23/02 19:17 PM >>>
Being a former Mohs"er,"  I found that the artifact can sometimes be
caused  at the injection site(s) [solution freeze artifact] by the
nurse/surgeon.  Just curious, what percentage of slides/cases do you
send out per month for QA by a pathologist?  One thing that I do not
like about Mohs (in private physician offices) is that they can train
anyone off the street to cut sections......but if you work in a
laboratory/hospital it's different.

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