Re: IHC questions


The ASCP has no way of knowing if you cut your own sections for the QIHC exam,
you do not send the blocks, but whenever possible, I would encourage you to cut
your own sections so that you can control microtomy, section adherence, drying
etc. Some tissues are so precious, (like hpv+ cervix) that the IHCRG tissue
bank cannot afford to send our members blocks so we send only a few slide
mounted sections.  To join the NSH IHC Resource Group, go to and
send in the membership form online.
I hope this helps to answer your question #1.

Patti Loykasek wrote:

> I have just a couple of questions that I'm sure y'all will be able to help.
>  First, if someone is taking the specialty certification in IHC, do they
> need to cut their own sections? I checked the ASCP web site, and didn't see
> that this was addressed.
> Second, I was just wondering what weekend tissue processing schedule
> different people are using. What solutions do you hold the tissue specimens
> in and why that solution? Thanks for the info.
> Patti Loykasek
> Phenopath Laboratories
> Seattle, WA

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