Re: Frozen section artifact

From:Melissa Jensen

We do mohs for a local Dermatologist.Our Pathologist look at the slides once
in a while for qc..They often comment on how over cauterized the tissue
is..Maybe its cauterization verses solar elastosis?
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Subject: Frozen section artifact

> Hello Histonetters,
>   I am a Mohs tech in Utah.  The MD I work for is
> finding the slides unsatisfactory due to a "cobwebby"
> or "doily" appearance of to the section.  It is
> comparable in appearance to solar elastosis, but the
> MD says it is not SE. It does not look like ice
> artifact either because of the lack of large holes.
> The appearance is not affected by:
> a) reagants
> b) thickness of section (we cut at 3 um, the "cobwebs"
> seem to alleviate with thicker sections, but not
> consistently)
> c) different blade, knife angle, etc
> d) acetone change
> The section seems to improve with:
> a) not using freeze spray (specimen is laid on cold
> chuck)
>   Not using freeze spray does not seem alleviate the
> problem on a consistent basis.  Any thoughts?  I have
> asked many people and no one seems to be able to
> help!!
> Thanks
> Victoria Ryder
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