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From:Sharon Sharon

Do a simple carnival.  Have facepainting, balloon animals, dress up areas, local
firetruck and firemen with costumes/gear to try on, police(same thing), milkcan
ball toss, donut on a string to bite, (if Halloween time, paint small pumpkins
with acrylics), throw darts at balloons to pop for prizes, wet sponge toss,
large oblong horse tank with water then a rope dividing middle lengthwise for
lanes( w people compete by blowing  ping pong balls with a straw down their lane
from one end to other) beanbag toss into large cutout clown with holes located
in body, etc.  Have centralized ticketseller for these.  This is a really fun
situation to do and you can get all kinds of people involved plus donations from
parents, local businesses, etc.  Let your imagination go.  I have done this with
the public elementary school, church, 4-H, etc.  Oh, a live petting "zoo" of
simple farm animals(goats, ducks, baby pigs, etc.) depending upon where you
reside.  This item may cost for there are people who do this for a living.
Sharon Osborn, B.S. HT(ASCP) San Francisco

Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP wrote:

> This is not JOB related but I'd thought I take this opportunity to ask
> anyone with kids or experience with fundraisers or planning.
> I was nominated/handpicked to be on my 4 year old daughter's, Day Care
> center's, parent board.  I was extremely honored and hope to do a good job.
> I am seeking ideas on fundraisers and also fun family events we could do for
> the children at little or no cost.   All proceeds from fundraisers will
> support the center's annual fun day and picnic and assist in buying better
> equipment for the kids.  Events will and should provide morale and education
> for the parents, kids and teachers.
> I know we all have lives other than HISTO, so if you would, anything you can
> think about, that will work, please let me know.
> God bless
> Fellow histosurfer and colleague
> Ian R. Bernard, SSgt, USAF, AAS, HT (ASCP)
> NCOIC Histopathology/ Pathobiology Laboratory
> 59th Clinical Research Sqd / MSROP
> 1255 Wilford Hall Loop, bldg 4430
> Lackland AFB, Tx 78236-5319
> Tel: 210-292-7190
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