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From:Kappeler Andi

Hi Shannon
We use BD's clone MMA at a working conc. of 2.5 ug Ig/ml (= 1:20).
Pretreatment is in citrate buffer, pressure cooker. As clone MMA is of
isotype IgM you will get better results using a specific anti-mouse-IgM
secondary antibody (e.g. Dako's E 0465, if you are working with a
biotin-dependent visualization system) rather than one of the standard
'anti-mouse Ig' 2nd abs (which are mainly directed against epitopes on the
gamma heavy chains (-> IgG) as well as the kappa and lambda light chains and
usually not that much against the mu chain (-> IgM)). If you are having
problems with demonstrating CD15 in Hodgkin's disease, remember that not all
cases of HD do express CD15 at the same level, so it's not unusual to have
weakly as well as strongly positive cases. Hope this helps.

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

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Von: Klassen, Shannon SDH 
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Betreff: CD15

> Anyone else out there using CD15 form BD Biosciences (Pharmingen) clone
> on FFPE tissues?  I need to your protocol please. Thanks.
> Shannon Klassen
> IHC Tech
> Saskatoon Health District
> Saskatoon, Canada

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