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Congrats! We didn't have any either, and there wasn't very much in place I got here. I've only been here since October.
Noreen Gilman, B.S., H.T.(ASCP) CLS
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Broward General Medical Center
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>>> Valerie Hannen <> 05/26/02 11:32PM >>>
Hi All,
  Just thought that you all might like to know how our Lab
did in our inspection last week. The lab in general had a few
minor discrepancies....but our Histo. dept. did not have any...the only section that didn't.   Hurray!!!   And the inspector said that he has done many inspections for CAP,
and he feels that our clinical Lab is probably  in the upper 10% of the ones that he has seen.
Valerie Hannen,MLT(ASCP),HTL
Parrish Medical Center
Titusville,Florida 32796

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