Re: Bombesin and serotonin


Perhaps the neuro-epithelial cells in your lung tissues are not expressing
serotonin the same way neuro-epithelial cells in your colon and rectum tissues

"Bruyntjes, J.P." wrote:

> Hi all
> We want to stain neuro-epithelial cells in the bronchi/bronchioli in rat
> tissue. Up to now we used serotonin and bombesin.
> For serotonin we use the colon and rectum as a positive control and these
> tissues show some strongly stained cells. So far so good.
> When we use this antibody on the lungs there is no staining at all, while
> the neuro-epithelial cells are reactive for serotonin.
> The datasheet for bombesin tells you that this antibody should be reactive
> with human, rat and mouse bombesin and can be used without any proteolytic
> treatment. Some staining can be observed but this staining is seen in
> macrophages, clara cells ect but not in neuro-epithelial cells and not in
> perineural sheets.
> Does any of you know other antibodies which should be reactive for these
> neuro-epithelial cells?
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