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something I've wondered about and would appreciate your thoughts.
what assurance does anyone have that these slides remain charged over time?
I would think that those amino groups want to attract anything that will neutralize their charge and couldn't this happen long before that tissue section ends up on the slide?
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>>> "J. A. Kiernan" <> 05/29/02 03:06PM >>>
rueggp wrote:
> are APES coated slides available for sale already prepared or do you
> have to coat them yourself in house.

APES (aminopropyltriethoxysilane) does not coat the slide;
it reacts chemically with the silicate of the glass.
The treatment with APES chemically binds amino groups to the
surface of the glass, which consequently becomes positively
charged when wetted with water.

Positively charged slides are sold ready-made under
various trade names. I don't know if they are made with
APES or with some other ethoxysilane that has a basic
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