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Hi Netters.
Using monoclonals on mouse tissue also depends on the mouse strain that
you're using.  We have great success using monoclonal antibodies on
SCID/beige mouse tissue because they're immune deficient.  Nude mice are
immune compromised (they only have B cells) and so we use the DAKO ARK kit
and it works great - very clean.

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The answer to the question is yes, background will be a huge problem. 

Try a mouse on mouse kit, Zymed, Innogenex, Scytek, Vector all have special
kits containing special blockers. I hope I haven't missed a vendor, if so,
speak up if you have the kit.

Another alternative is DAKO ARK kit, based on biotinylation of the primary
antibody and their special blocking, etc.

Some people have tried more than one kit for success, they do vary - but
you may be lucky with first one you try. 


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