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I have to disagree with Dorit's statement. Patsy's original advice is best and will lead to fewer problems. Using a rabbit anti-mouse antibody in rabbit tissue provides a GREATER possiblity of cross reactivity with other rabbit antigens that could confuse the result. just as humans react immunologically to antigens from transplanted human tissues, there is no reason to assume that one rabbit's tissues would not contain antigens that another rabbit might have antibodies in its serum that will react to those rabbit antigens.
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>>> Dorit Zharhary <> 05/23/02 05:51AM >>>
On the contrary. It will be best to use an anti-mouse made in rabbit
because chances are low that this serum will contain any antibodies to
rabbit proteins

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" should use an anti-mouse secondary which is not made in

Why ???

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sometimes you just have to try your m<h antibody on the rabbit tissue to
if it works.  keep in mind that you should use an anti-mouse secondary
is not made in rabbit.  Do not use a
universal secondary with anti-rabbit mixed with the anti-mouse.  i would
rabbit serum in my block as well. (10% serum from the animal being stained)

Julia Friedman wrote:

> Does anyone know of a source for mouse anti-rabbit CD4 & CD8? I will be
using them on rabbit tissue. Do you think I could get away with mouse
anti-human CD4 and CD8 on rabbit tissue? Thanks.

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