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From:Bert Dotson

Absolutely true, so let me clarify: there are several elements to 
laboratory productivity and many of these are outside of the control of the 
front-line histotech. I have no intention of telling histotechs they have 
to bust their butts to support the inefficiencies of others. Nor am I 
interested in some "re-engineering" jackass in a suit that has no idea what 
the work of histology demands. What I am interested in is hands-on 
practical supplemental training to improve technical proficiency 
particularly in the areas of embedding and microtomy. Much of this is 
provided in schools of histotechnology that many of our technicians have 
not had the opportunity to attend. Symposia workshops generally do not 
provide this kind of instruction. We could provide such training in-house, 
but the world being what it is, it would be more convenient to obtain it on 
a contract basis if such a thing exists.


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My question is to you feel that your tech have a productivity problem or is
this just a "system" directive.  There are consultants but you can often
open up a can of worms if they have no Histology Lab knowledge.  It is a
fine line to undergo with your staff.  If they don't buy into the program,
you could be causing a major problem with morale.

Donna Willis
Histology Lab Manager
Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Texas

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Subject: Improving productivity

I have been challenged to develop a plan for increasing histotech
productivity. I already have quite a few ideas on how to go about this but
I was also wondering if there were consultants that specialize in this or
classes for persons already employed as histotechs to help them develop
their practical skills.

Thanx, Bert

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