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Joe- What exactly do you mean when you say your pathologist certifies your
staff. Is this an in house agreed level of competency or is this
certification overseen by a governing body and is therefore transferrable to
other employing laboratories. In our laboratory Biomedical
Scientists(Histotechs) gross all specimens this has been achieved by OJT but
we are very interested in finding out about certification.
        Many thanks in anticipation of your help
                                    Liam Brennan
                                    Histopathology Dept
                                    Belfast City Hospital
                                    N. Ireland 

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the more experienced tech gross what they feel comfortable with.  I'll gross
gallbladder, appendix, amputations, cervical cones, skin biopsies (shave,
punch, excisional), GI, prostate, cervical, endometrial biopsies.  Some of
my techs only gross the small biopsies.  I'll gross amputations, but I do
not feel comfortable grossing whole organs such as uterus, prostate, colon,
lung.  My pathologist will teach and certify us as the need arises.  All we
have to do is ask.
Joe Nocito, BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, Texas

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How many of us Histotechs are doing gross?
What are you limited to concerning specimens you gross in?
                Thanks for your help!

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