RE: Breathers Survey

From:Bryan Hewlett

A total of 42 netters responded to this survey.
The 'Huffers' have it!
A total of 37 people 'Huff" during sectioning, one response was from a
latent 'Huffer' whose medical condition prevents further use of the
technique. John K. was the first to respond, that the main effect was to
dissipate static electricity, the latent 'Huffer' uses a small humidifier
close to the microtome as a substitute. So in effect, 38 netters 'Huff'.
There was one 'Puffer', probably a secret 'Huffer', and four 'non-Huffers'.
Three of these microtomists applied the wet thumb technique, the fourth lit
an alcohol lamp on dry winter days to reduce static. Get with the program


Bryan R. Hewlett
Technical Specialist
Anatomical Pathology
Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Ontario, Canada

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