Number of Tech's vs. number of blocks

From:Fran Adams

Hi everyone,

We're in the process of trying to find out how many Histology 
Technician/Technologist are needed to run a lab efficently.

We have four registered histology techs and one grossing room tech.
Half of the day, one of the histology techs helps out with doing Cytology 

We average 205 blocks per day.  Three techs are cutting and one is putting 
all the slides together.  The grossing room tech cuts the frozens but 
sometimes we have to help him out.

We do not do immuno's but we do special stains.  Of course, the number of 
sp. stains, recuts, etc. vary.  We stay busy.  I'm the supervisor,and am 
also a bench tech. Most of my supervisory work gets pushed aside.

If any of you could, please take a minute to give me some feedback so we'll 
know if we're over worked or not!  And yes, there are many days when at 
least one or two of us work overtime.

Thanks in advance ,
Fran Adams
Histology Supervisor
The Medical Center of Central GA
Macon, GA

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