Frozen section artifact

From:Victoria Ryder

Hello Histonetters,
  I am a Mohs tech in Utah.  The MD I work for is
finding the slides unsatisfactory due to a "cobwebby"
or "doily" appearance of to the section.  It is
comparable in appearance to solar elastosis, but the
MD says it is not SE. It does not look like ice
artifact either because of the lack of large holes.
The appearance is not affected by:
a) reagants
b) thickness of section (we cut at 3 um, the "cobwebs"
seem to alleviate with thicker sections, but not
c) different blade, knife angle, etc
d) acetone change

The section seems to improve with:
a) not using freeze spray (specimen is laid on cold

  Not using freeze spray does not seem alleviate the
problem on a consistent basis.  Any thoughts?  I have
asked many people and no one seems to be able to
Victoria Ryder

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